The Five Paraclete Saying of Jesus
The Gospel of John 15:26-27
Being a Witness to the Spirit

Sermon Three of Five

The Holy Spirit’s relationship to Jesus and His witness is a very important Biblical issue. The subject is necessary for it was utmost in the mind of Christ as His journey to the Cross and Resurrection became more evident. The promise from Jesus was that when He leaves, He will not leave the disciple and His followers comfortless. Jesus speaks of His disciples having the power to witness then proceeds to encourage them to be witnesses. It is one thing to speak of having that power and yet another to take the step of being a witness. Consider the elements in being a witness. If you have been called to being such a witness, one finds much to consider. There are at least three elements involved in such a witness. First for one to be a witness there must be credibility. The concept is having a long fellowship and intimacy with Christ establishing a Christian pattern. Second, being a Christian witness comes from having an inner conviction establishing a relationship which one can believe what he/she is saying. Being convinced to the point one can proclaim, “This is true, and I know it is true”. The third point is when the relationship and belief are so harmonious that an outward testimony is without a doubt. Not only does one know but also desires others to know to the same extent. Such a belief brings an inner conviction and an outward testimony to the facts presented.

It is the Holy Spirit within us who gives us the affirmation when the teachings of Jesus is unfolded to us with a conviction that what is before us in the framework of divine wisdom Son of God revealed in us by the Holy Spirit. A Christian witness springs from an inner conviction prompting us to really believe what is being said. There is a conviction as well as an affirmation plus a truth in what is being said, proclaimed, written and/or spoken. The reaction of the human mind affirming the human heart is the work of the Holy Spirit. The holy Spirit within us moving us to respond to Jesus Christ. What is inside eventually comes out. The Holy Spirit bears witness to Christ giving inward passion that what Jesus taught is true. In the power of the Spirit, the disciples also bear witness to Christ. (Acts 5:23).

There issues from within an outward testimony desirous of wanting others to know. There is a sense of personal intimacy from an inner conviction leading to an outward testimony to inner faith. Truly believing what I am saying and giving affirmation to such beliefs.

In verses 26 and 27, three great truths are identified. There is the title or name which is the Comforter who is coming at the appointed time of the Father. Jesus will send the Comforter to the waiting but confused disciples. The comforter will be sent from the Father to give testimony of Jesus. The Spirit of Truth proceeds from the Father. When the Spirit of truth comes giving testimony of Jesus the Redeemer, those who trust and obey Jesus will bear witness of support to the truth of Christ. This promise was exercised following the Resurrection of Christ at Pentecost. Another key thought here regarding the Holy Spirit rightly proclaiming His role, is needed and Matthew Henry has written it well. The Comforter came, pleaded His case proudly, and carried it triumphantly (Henry, Matthew Commentary on the Whole Bible, Kindle, edition).

The Holy Spirit is identified not as a quality or property, but a person under the name of the Spirit of truth. Notice that in the Nicene Creed stated, the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. He is an Advocate for Christ and a witness for Christ in the heavens and earth (v. 27; See also John 5:7-8). The Holy Spirit bears witness to Christ, giving inward persuasion to all that Jesus said was true. Recall when Jesus was in the Temple speaking and teaching prompting leaders and those in the audience to proclaim, “no one has spoken as He”. The authority of Christ is also connected to the power and purpose of the Holy Spirit. It was, and is, the power of the Holy Spirit enhancing the disciples as well as bearing witness to Christ. It would seem to me that there is a connection of not just proclamation in the Gospel but also in the conviction as well as the drawing of those searching for spiritual peace, comfort, forgiveness, and spiritual help. Again, the Godhead and function of the Trinity become a part of our redemption.

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Sherman Reed
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